Senin, 19 Maret 2012

New blog layout~

Belajar dasar-dasar photoshop. So much fun! Blog aku jadi korban otak-atik hehe... What do you think about the layout? Apa berasa sakit mata atau nyaman di mata? Komentar nya dongs haha... Masih newbie, jadi maklum kalo masih jelek ya...

Kamis, 01 Maret 2012

Hijabers Medan

This entry is dedicated for my special community. Honestly, this is the first time i join the community who share not just about Islam, but also fashion on it. This is it, Hijabers Medan! The place where i get new friends, and they are all absolutely verified hijabers!

 this is my member card :)

If you wanna know about community check the blog >>> Hijabers Medan
I had attend some events they held. Example, Pengajian Hijabers. Very good events :)
Here are some pics for you :)
What the lovely girls rite?!

Oke next time, i will share about next Hijabers Medan event, soon!


Hijab PhotoShoot

I love doing photos!
In this ocassion, i wear gradation blue pashmina. What a lovely colour!
Look at the background. So natural, rite?  Green grass makes fresh! :)

what I wear:
gradation blue pashmina
long cardigan
all unbranded!

Thanks for visit dear~

Hijab Class by Lateefa Hijab

Attending Hijab Class by Lateefa Hijab :) 
If you wanna know about Lateefa Hijab, check @lateefahijab!